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On November 9, 2015, BOEM held Atlantic Wind Lease Sale Five (ATLW5) for the Wind Energy Area (WEA) offshore New Jersey.

The New Jersey WEA includes about 343,833 acres. It begins about 7 nautical miles offshore and extends roughly 21 nm seaward. BOEM auctioned the area as two leases: Lease OCS-A 0498 (South Lease Area) and Lease OCS-A 0499 (North Lease Area). The South Lease Area consists of 160,480 acres and the North Lease Area consists of 183,353 acres.

The provisional winners of the lease sale are RES America Developments Inc., which bid $880,715 for lease area OCS-A 0498, and US Wind Inc., which bid $1,006,240 for OCS-A 0499. Please view a summary of bidding results.


There are two renewable energy projects underway offshore New Jersey and three projects which are no longer underway. For more information please click on the links below:

Environmental Studies

BOEM has funded or considered numerous studies to collect information about the marine environment to support decisions concerning offshore renewable energy development. For more information, please visit:

Public Engagement

BOEM coordinates Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) renewable energy activities offshore New Jersey through its Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force, which is made up of representatives from federal, state, local and tribal governments. BOEM also coordinates public information meetings to help keep interested stakeholders updated on renewable energy milestones occurring offshore New Jersey. To obtain information discussed during these meetings click on the links below.

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