2012 - 2017 Lease Sale Schedule

Sale Number1 Area Year
229 Western Gulf of Mexico 2012
227 Central Gulf of Mexico 2013
233 Western Gulf of Mexico 2013
225 Eastern Gulf of Mexico2 2014
231 Central Gulf of Mexico 2014
238 Western Gulf of Mexico 2014
235 Central Gulf of Mexico 2015
246 Western Gulf of Mexico 2015
226 Eastern Gulf of Mexico 2016
241 Central Gulf of Mexico 2016
237 Chukchi Sea3 cancelled
248 Western Gulf of Mexico 2016
244 Cook Inlet 2017
247 Central Gulf of Mexico 2017
242 Beaufort Sea3 cancelled


Alaska Lease Sales
Gulf of Mexico Lease Sales


1 As in the PP, the sales are not in numerical order for various reasons.  As the 2009 DPP encompassed the 2010-2015 time period, many of the sales listed in that document were carryovers from the latter part of the Five Year Program for 2007-2012 announced in June 2007.  These sales were either held, deleted in the December 2010 Revised Program for 2007-2012, or cancelled under the pre-sale process.  Those numbers are no longer available for use in this program.  Other sales included in the 2009 DPP are no longer being considered for leasing in this PFP and those sale numbers also are not available. 

2 Sales in the Eastern GOM would only include those areas that are not currently subject to moratorium under GOMESA.

3 Sales cancelled in 2015, see press release.