2017-2022 Proposed Final Program Frequently Asked Questions - Atlantic

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What is being proposed for the Atlantic?

No sales are proposed for the Atlantic in the Proposed Final Program.

Why was the Atlantic removed?

After a careful consideration of the factors listed in Section 18 of the OCSLA, the Atlantic Program Area lease sale proposed for 2021 in the Draft Proposed Program was removed for a number of reasons, including: strong local opposition; conflicts with other ocean uses such as commercial uses (e.g. fishing, tourism, shipping and transportation), national defense and NASA activities; current market dynamics; and national energy needs. The decision to remove the Atlantic from the 2017-2022 Program was also based on careful consideration of the comments received from local governments.

How did removing the Atlantic affect the estimates of oil and gas available for the nation?

Domestic oil and gas production will remain strong without the additional production from a potential lease sale in the Atlantic. Specifically, BOEM estimates that U.S. oil production will be only approximately 0.10 percent lower without the production anticipated from a single lease sale in the Mid- and South Atlantic Program Area than it would have been with that production