Mitigation/Program Tracking Table

This tracking table has been developed to provide increased visibility into the consideration of certain suggestions and concerns provided to BOEM by the public at each stage of the leasing process. This table will track the lineage and treatment of these suggestions and concerns from the Five Year Program stage to the lease sale stage and on to the post-lease and plan approval stages. It provides a tool for the public to see how and at what stage of the leasing process their suggestions and concerns are being considered.

In order to highlight the suggestions and concerns most relevant to Program decisions, this tracking table does not track all suggestions and concerns but rather those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • An alternative to the proposed action under consideration can be formed from the suggestion
  • Is controversial or high profile in nature
  • Has the potential to be a regional-level mitigation strategy
  • Involves uncertain effects

Offshore platform with waves in foregroundFor simplicity, suggestions and concerns have been aggregated and organized both topically and geographically. Relevant suggestions and concerns are being received and considered throughout all stages of the OCS oil and gas leasing, exploration, and development process. The leasing stages include:

  1. National 5-year Program Stage
  2. Regional Multisale Stage
  3. Specific Lease Sale Stage
  4. Exploration Plan Stage
  5. Development and Production Plan Stage

Alternatives, Deferrals, Mitigations, and Other Areal Concerns Suggested From Public Involvement Opportunities 2012-2017 OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program