Pacific OCS Region

Pacific Leasing Map

The Pacific Region is responsible for managing the development of conventional (oil and natural gas) and renewable energy resources (wind and wave) and mineral resources on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) offshore California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii in an environmentally and economically responsible way. Pacific Region functions relative to these energy and mineral resources and uses include: lease management, plan administration, environmental science, environmental analysis, resource evaluation and economics. The Bureau also manages the alternate use of existing oil and gas OCS facilities.

Regional Collaboration:

The Pacific Region is active in a number of regional collaborative efforts supporting coordinated ocean management, data sharing, and ocean health and stewardship.

Common Dolphin Photo by Greg Sanders   Studying the Environment - The Region is responsible for providing information needed to predict, assess and manage effects from offshore energy and marine mineral exploration, development and production activities on human, marine and coastal environments. The Region also develops environmental documents under the NEPA (e.g., CERs, EAs and EISs) for proposed and ongoing OCS energy and alternate use projects, and for environmental evaluation efforts with other agencies.

Windfloat Turbine Demonstration   Facilitating Renewable Energy - The Region is responsible for working closely with states and other stakeholders to facilitate offshore renewable energy development off the West Coast and Hawaii. The Region also coordinates OCS renewable energy intergovernmental task forces in California, Oregon and Hawaii.

Platform Gail   Managing Oil & Gas (Conventional Energy) - The Region is responsible for providing management of existing oil and gas leases (including lease adjudication) and appropriate access to oil and gas resources through the National OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program, plan administration, resource evaluation, reserves estimation, and geological and geophysical data acquisition.

Ventura   Managing Marine Mineral Resources - The Region is responsible for working closely with states and other stakeholders to provide access to OCS sand and gravel resources to meet both national and local needs while ensuring protection of the environment.