Current Environmental Studies - Alaska

AK-19-01 Impacts of Sedimentation and Drivers of Variability in the Boulder Patch Community, Beaufort Sea Beaufort    
AK-19-02 Alaska Coastal Marine Institute All Alaska Planning Areas    
AK-19-03 Landfast Ice in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas and Under Ice Circulation Processes on the Beaufort Sea Shelf Beaufort Chukchi    
AK-19-04 Synthesis of Current Environmental Literature for OCS Planning Areas in the Northern Gulf of Alaska Gulf of Alaska Kodiak Shumagin    
AK-19-05 Monitoring of the Cross Island Subsistence Whale Hunt for Effects from Liberty DPP Beaufort    
AK-19-06 Underwater Sound Signatures and Propagation for OCS Activities Permitted by BOEM All Alaska Planning Areas    
AK-19-07 Model-based essential fish habitat (EFH) descriptions for Arctic cod, saffron cod and snow crab in the Alaskan Arctic Beaufort Chukchi    
AK-19-08 Oil Spill Impact Literature Synthesis: Crude and Refined Spills 1,000–20,000 bbls All Alaska Planning Areas    
 *Note: The procurement of any study is contingent upon availability of funding
Air Quality and Meteorology
Fates and Effects
AK-18-x11 Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Lower Cook Inlet, Gulf of Alaska, Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea OCS Planning Areas All Alaska Planning Areas Foreman UAF
AK-18-x12 Oil Spill Occurrence Estimators for Onshore and Offshore Crude and Refined Oil Spills on the Alaska North Slope and Cook Inlet, Alaska Beaufort Chukchi Cook Inlet Crowley  
AK-16-04 Updates to the Fault Tree for Oil-Spill Occurrence Estimators Beaufort Chukchi Crowley  
AK-13-03-24 Microbial Biodegradation of Alaska North Slope Crude Oil in Arctic Marine Sediments Beaufort Chukchi Raymond CMI
AK-11-14a ANIMIDA III: Boulder Patch and Other Kelp Communities in the Development Area Beaufort Coon UT
Habitat and Ecology
AK-18-01 Environmental Resource Areas: Developing Products to Support Oil-Spill Risk Analysis (OSRA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) All Alaska Planning Areas Burril USGS
AK-17-03 Marine Bird Distribution and Abundance in Offshore Waters Beaufort
Cook Inlet
AK-17-02 Wave Energy Converter Impact Assessment Gulf of Alaska Crowley  
AK-16-09 Updating Status and Trends of Seabirds and Forage Fish in Lower Cook Inlet Cook Inlet Raymond USGS
AK-16-07 Arctic Integrated Ecosystem Survey, Phase II Beaufort
Burril NOAA;
AK-13-03-22 Nearshore Food Web Structure on the OCS in Cook Inlet, Alaska Cook Inlet Coon CMI
AK-13-03-25 Benthic Habitat Mapping in Eastern Cook Inlet Cook Inlet Crowley CMI
AK-15-08 Subtidal and Intertidal Habitats and Invertebrate Biota in Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska Cook Inlet Coon NPS
AK-13-03-15 Identifying Sources of Organic Matter to Benthic Organisms in the Beaufort and Chukchi OCS Beaufort
Burril CMI
AK-15-01 Initiating an Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON) for Ecosystem Monitoring Chukchi Coon NOPP; NOAA
AK-14-x10 Ecological Processes in Lower Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay:  A Partnership in Monitoring Cook Inlet Coon NOAA; USFWS; NPS
NT-13-05 Marine Arctic Ecosystems Study (MARES):  A Multi-Agency NOPP Partnership Beaufort
Crowley NOPP
Information Management
AK-16-02 Collaboration with North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) Arctic Marine Research Program Beaufort
Raymond NPRB
AK-15-x10 Alaska Marine Science Symposium (co-sponsor) All Alaska Burril NPRB
AK-13-03 BOEM-University of Alaska-State of Alaska Coastal Marine Institute Beaufort
Crowley CMI
Marine Mammals and Protected Species
AK 17-x10 Range-Wide Distribution of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in the Winger Cook Inlet Coon NOAA
AK-16-06 Estimation of Abundance and Demographic Rates of Pacific Walruses Using a Genetics-based Mark-Recapture Approach Chukchi Burril USFWS
AK-16-01 Aerial Surveys of Arctic Marine Mammals (ASAMM) - Personnel and Aircraft Needs Beaufort Chukchi Raymond NMML; USDOI; NBC
AK-15-07 Field Evaluation of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for Studying Cetacean Distribution, Density, and Habitat Use in the Arctic Beaufort Chukchi Raymond NMML; NSWCDD

Satellite Tracking of Bowhead Whales: Habitat Use, Passive Acoustic and Environmental Monitoring

Crowley ADF&G
AK-12-05 Ice Seal Movements and Foraging: Village-based Satellite Tracking of Ringed and Bearded Seals Beaufort
Crowley ADF&G

Arctic Whale Ecology Study (ARCWEST): Use of the Chukchi Sea by Endangered Baleen and Other Whales

Fairfield NOAA, NMML
AK-13-02 Chukchi Acoustic, Oceanography and Zooplankton Study: Hanna Shoal (Extension of CHAOZ) Chukchi Crowley NOAA, NMML
AK-13-06 Walrus Seasonal Distribution and Habitat Use in the Eastern Chukchi Sea Chukchi Raymond USGS
Physical Oceanography
AK-17-01 Wave and Hydrodynamic Observations and Modeling in the Nearshore Beaufort Sea Beaufort Crowley  
AK-13-03-23 High-frequency Characterization of the Physicochemical Parameters of Cook Inlet, Alaska Cook Inlet Crowley CMI
AK-13-03-17 Measuring Wave Force along Alaska's Coastal Sea Ice Chukchi Crowley CMI
Social Systems
AK-15-05 Traditional Knowledge Implementation: Accessing Arctic Community Panels of Subject Matter Experts Beaufort
Brooks NSB
AK-16-05 Community Based Monitoring: LEO Network Beaufort
Cook Inlet
AK-13-03-21 Coastal Community Vulnerability Index and Visualizations of Change in Cook Inlet, Alaska Cook Inlet Lima CMI
ArcSEESa; AK-NT-13-x11 WALRUS – Walrus Adaptability and Long-term Responses; Using multi-proxy data to project Sustainability Chukchi Primo NSF
ArcSEESb: AK-NT-13-x11 Cumulative Effects of Arctic Oil Development –  Planning and Designing for Sustainability Beaufort Primo NSF
AK-15-03 Coastal Habitat Maps:  Closing Spatial Gaps in ShoreZone Imagery and Data for the Cook Inlet Area Cook Inlet Raymond CIRCAC
AK-14-03 Genomics of Arctic Cod:  A Sentinel Species in a Changing Environment Beaufort
Raymond UAF; DFO
AK-13-03-27 Functional Diversity of Epibenthic  Communities on the Chukchi and Beaufort Sea Shelves Beaufort
Edenfield CMI
AK-13-03-26 Using Trace Elements in Pacific Walrus Teeth to Track the Impacts of Petroleum Production in the Alaskan Arctic Beaufort
Fairfield CMI
AK-13-03-20 Using Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS) population genetics approaches to determine the population structure of Tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi) in Alaska Cook Inlet Raymond CMI
AK-13-03-19 Characterizing Bacterial Communities in Beaufort Sea Sediments in a Changing Arctic Beaufort Raymond CMI
AK-13-03-18 Changes in Beaufort-Chukchi Seas Intense Storm Activity and Impacts on Surface Climate and Ocean Properties Beaufort Chukchi Horowitz CMI
AK-13-03-16 Northern Alaska Sea Ice Project Jukebox Beaufort
Lima CMI
AK-13-03-14 Migration Trends for King and Common Eiders and Yellow-billed Loons past Point Barrow in a Rapidly Changing Environment Beaufort Chuckhi Raymond CMI
AK-13-03-13 Fate and Persistence of Oil Spill Response Chemicals in Arctic Seawater Beaufort Chukchi Raymond CMI
AK-13-03-11 Alaska Monitoring and Assessment Program (AKMAP) Survey of Estuaries within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Beaufort
Horowitz CMI
AK-13-03-07 Development and Testing of a Low-Cost Satellite-Tracked Ice Drifter for Arctic Waters Chukchi Horowitz CMI
AK-13-06 Walrus Seasonal Distribution and Habitat Use in the Eastern Chukchi Sea Chukchi Raymond USGS
AK-13-03 BOEM-University of Alaska-State of Alaska Coastal Marine Institute Beaufort Chukchi Crowley CMI
AK-13-02 Chukchi Acoustic, Oceanography and Zooplankton Study: Hanna Shoal (Extension of CHAOZ) Chukchi Crowley NOAA, NMML
AK-13-01 Arctic Air Quality Impact Assessment Modeling Beaufort Crowley  
AK-12-07 Arctic Whale Ecology Study (ARCWEST): Use of the Chukchi Sea by Endangered Baleen and Other Whales Beaufort Chukchi Crowley NOAA, NMML

Synthesis of Arctic Research (SOAR) Physics to Marine Mammals in the Pacific Arctic

Crowley PMEL
AK-11-03 Hanna Shoal Ecosystem Study Chukchi Crowley CESU-UT
AK-10-06 Beaufort Sea Marine Fish Monitoring Survey in the Central Beaufort Sea Beaufort Coon  
AK-09-05b Demography and Behavior of Polar Bears Summering on Shore in Alaska Beaufort
Fairfield USGS, USFWS
  • BOEM-University of Alaska-State of Alaska Coastal Marine Institute (CMI)
  • North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Federal Inter-agency Agreements: e.g. NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)/National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML)/ Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)/U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)/Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)/National Park Service (NPS)/Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD)
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G)
  • Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU)
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF); University of Texas-Austin (UT)
  • North Pacific Research Board (NPRB)
  • Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative
  • Arctic Council/Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
  • National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP)
  • Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council (CIRCAC)
  • Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS)
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceanography Canada (DFO)
  • Industry Studies
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)
  • Alaska North Slope Borough (NSB)