Meteorology and Air Quality Studies – All Regions

Meteorology and Air Quality Studies to characterize and quantify emissions of air pollutants generated on the OCS, to examine the transport and dispersion of these emissions in the atmosphere, and to evaluate their effects on air quality onshore.  

Study Name

Study Number

Arctic Air Quality Impact Assessment Modeling


Year 2014 Gulfwide Emissions Inventory Study GM-13-02
Enhancing the Capability of a New Meteorological Model for Air Quality and Other BOEM GM-13-04
Air Quality Modeling in the Gulf of Mexico Region GM-14-01
Testing and Evaluation of AERMOD Using AERCOARE and MMIF Meteorological Outputs Representative of the OCS NT-12-04
Air Emissions Associated with Decommissioning Operations for Pacific Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Platforms PC-17x10