Social Sciences and Economic Studies – All Regions

Social and Economic Impact Studies to conduct economic modeling efforts in support of the 5-year comprehensive offshore natural gas and oil leasing plan, to describe the economic and social systems of coastal residents, and to characterize and monitor the complex interactions between the economic and social systems and activities impacted by and associated with the offshore energy industries.  

Study Name

Study Number 

The Socioeconomic Impact of OCS Wind Development on Fishing


Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Development: Values and Implications for Recreation and Tourism


Social Indicators in Coastal Alaska: Arctic Communities 


Examination of the Relationship between Tourism and Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in the Gulf of Mexico 


Analyzing the Potential Impacts to Cultural Resources at Significant Sand Extraction Areas


An Analysis of the Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon on the Seafood Industry

Empirical Analysis of the OCS Pipeline Network in the Gulf of Mexico GM-14-03-02
Updating MAG-PLAN GOM and Assessing Applicability to New Five Year Program Areas GM-14-x10

Arctic Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability  (ArcSEES)


Study to Update and Improve BOEM's Offshore Environmental Cost Model and Market Simulation Model and Related Analyses


Characterizing Tribal Cultural Landscapes