Environmental Operations Section (EOS)

EOS Group Photo Independence Hub Development
EOS, August 2014 Independence Hub Development

Our main business lines are to conduct the Environmental Reviews required for:

  1. Plan for Outer-Continental Shelf (OCS) exploration and development that include initial, revised and supplemental plan submittals
  2. Permits for Geological and Geophysical Survey or Collection Activity
    • Recent Environmental Assessments for G&G activity
    • Deployments for G&G activity include
      • 2- and 3-dimensional seismic surveys (used to map deep geology)
        2 and 3 Dimensional Seismic Surveys
      • High-resolution survey category
        • Magnetometers (used for metal detection in marine archaeology)
        • Sub-bottom profilers (used for resolving shallow surface sediments)
          Sub-bottom profilers
        • Side-scan sonar (used to detect sea-bottom anomalies in marine archaeology)
          Side-scan sonar
        • Multibeam echosounder (used for mapping bottom topography)
          Multibeam Echosounder
        • Bottom sampling with cores and test wells
          Bottom sampling with cores and test wells
  3. Permits for pipeline installations and removals (Sea bottom Pipeline Installation using an S-Lay Barge Configuration)
    Sea bottom pipeline installation
  4. Permits for decommissioning/removals of installed OCS structures
  5. Processing of unique or unusual requests; among these:
    • Gas hydrates site characterization (2005 and 2009)
    • Installation of Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading Facilities (2009)
    • Requests for alternative uses of installed OCS structures (authorized in 2005 under the Energy Policy Act and by implementing regulation by 30 C.F.R. Part 585, but no specific GOM requests to date)
    • Request for OCS sand resources from a non-competitive negotiated lease (2004, 2012)
  6. Coordination with subject matter experts (SME’s)
  7. Notice to Lessee’s (NTL’s)
  8. Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Decommissioning Activities on the Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf