Environmental Assessment Division

BOEM prepares National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Lands Act reports; provides oversight, policy guidance, and direction for NEPA and other environmental laws and regulations affecting OCS activities; and participates in international conventions and treaty activities.

Essential Functions

Environmental Statutes and Executive Orders

The Bureau must comply with numerous environmental statutes, regulations, and executive orders to carry out its mission.


  • International Agreements
  • Analytical Support for Responses to Congress, States, and other parties. BOEM prepares correspondence to elected officials and other parties, and responds to question on environmental issues following Bureau testimony before Congressional committees and during the annual budget appropriations process.
  • Liaison with Other Agencies and Organizations. BOEM staff conducts consultation, and outreach activities with various other bureaus within DOI, agencies external to DOI, State agencies, the environmental community, industry organizations, and other groups which are directly associated with mineral and energy development. These activities are both routine in order to keep up with activities of these groups and ad hoc as special problems arise.