Mid-Atlantic RPB Contacts

 MidA RPB members at Baltimore meeting

photo courtesy of Arlo Hemphill, MARCO


Mid-Atlantic RPB Co-Leads:

Internal Workgroup Co-Chairs:

  • Interjurisdictional Coordination Workgroup:
    • Robert LaBelle, BOEM; Federal Co-Lead
    • Gregory L. Capobianco, New York State Department of State
  • Data Synthesis Workgroup:
    • Mary Boatman, BOEM
    • Laura McKay, Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program
  • Regional Ocean Assessment Workgroup:
    • Kevin Chu, NOAA
      • Regional Ocean Assessment Workgroup Co-Chair
      • Phone: 410-267-5650
      • Email: kevin.chu@noaa.gov
    • Sarah Cooksey, Delaware Coastal Programs