MidA RPB Representatives

Public comment session during the March 2016 MidA RPB meeting

     photo courtesy of Arlo Hemphill, MARCO


MidA RPB Roster

The MidA RPB is composed of representatives from:

  • The MARCO states (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia)
  • Federally-recognized tribes in the region, including the Shinnecock Indian Nation and the Pamunkey Indian Tribe
  • The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Eight Federal agencies with ocean interests:
    • Department of Agriculture (represented by the Natural Resources Conservation Service)
    • Department of Commerce (represented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
    • Department of Defense (represented by the U.S. Navy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
    • Department of Energy (represented by Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy)
    • Department of Homeland Security (represented by the U.S. Coast Guard)
    • Department of the Interior (represented by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)
    • Department of Transportation (represented by the Maritime Administration)
    • Environmental Protection Agency