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Financial Responsibility Section Inquiries
(504) 736-2465
FAX (504) 736-2655
Chief, Adjudication Section
Bernadette Thomas
(504) 736-2436
FAX (504) 736-2655
Leasing Data Inquiries
Leonard Coats
(504) 731-1457
Adjudication Section Inquiries
Adjudication: (504) 736-2436
FAX (504) 736-2655

Hand filings for the Office of Leasing and Plans: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM: If you have a hand-filing for the Leasing & Financial Responsibility Section or Adjudication Section, or need to research the microfiche records, please report to the receptionist on the 1st floor, south side of the Elmwood Tower building. There, you will be assigned a visitor’s pass, and be directed to the Office of Leasing and Plans (L&P) on the 2nd floor. Once there, you must sign in with the 2nd floor receptionist, who will then direct you to a staff member to assist you. When done with your business, you must sign out with the 2nd floor receptionist return to the 1st floor, where you must return the visitor's badge and sign out with the 1st floor receptionist.

Pending and Approved Assignments: An online Assignment Query is now available on our website. Assignments can be searched by Lease Number, Area, Block Number, Date Received, Date Returned and Date Approved. To view approved assignment information, see the corresponding Serial Register pages or view the documents on our Public Information Data System.

Filings for Records Purposes (both required and non-required): You can now perform an Online Query of Filings for records purposes. Filings can be searched by Lease Number, Area, Block Number, Miscellaneous Document Type and Date Received. You can view the Filings for Records Purposes and see the available corresponding information through our Public Information Data System.