Geological & Geophysical Data Acquisition and Analysis

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The main objective of the acquisition and analysis of geological and geophysical (G&G) data is the development of maps to identify areas favorable for the accumulation of hydrocarbons. The G&G data is analyzed to develop a basic knowledge of the geologic history of an area and its effects on hydrocarbon or strategic/critical minerals generation, distribution, and accumulation within the planning area.

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The primary source of the data and information used by the Resource Evaluation Program are seismic surveys and wells logs acquired by the oil and gas industry.   Well logs are electronic measurements collected during the well drilling process that provide detailed information about the subsurface.  BOEM issues permits to industry for collecting pre-lease as well as post-lease data. After BOEM approves the pre-lease permits, and the data acquisition is completed, operators are required to provide certain data and information to BOEM. BOEM selectively obtains copies of data acquired in these pre-lease activities.

The permittees and lessees are normally reimbursed by BOEM for the cost of data reproduction. However, if industry has collected data in areas not under BOEM jurisdiction, e.g., state waters or adjacent foreign waters, BOEM has to pay the significantly higher "market price" for obtaining the data. The extensive data repository is used by BOEM geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, modelers and other specialists to perform a variety of analyses leading to Resource Assessment, Reserves Inventory and determining Fair Market Value of the auctioned tracts.


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