BOEM Pacific Region Current Status

The Pacific OCS Region is engaged in a number of activities and organizations that support the priority objectives of the National Ocean Policy:

  • West Coast Ocean Data Network: BOEM is an active member of the West Coast Ocean Data Network and contributor to the West Coast Ocean Data Portal (WCODP). In 2014-2015, BOEM funded a WCODP effort to synthesize spatial data on littoral cells, kelp surveys and extents, and fishing closure areas. These data sets have been integrated into the WCODP to inform ocean planning, policy development, and resource management on the West Coast.
  • West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health: BOEM represents the Department of Interior on the West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA), a regional ocean partnership. BOEM and the State of Oregon co-chair the Renewable Ocean Energy Action Coordination Team as part of the WCGA. The Team completed a variety of tasks in accordance with its 2010 work plan in order to explore the feasibility for responsible offshore renewable ocean energy development as part of the West Coast energy mix.
  • West Coast Ocean Partnership: BOEM participated in the 2015 West Coast Ocean Summit with tribes, representatives from the Governor’s offices of California, Oregon, and Washington, and state and federal agencies to share ocean health priorities and discuss regional ocean coordination and collaboration opportunities. BOEM also participates on the volunteer working group that arose from the Summit, which is undertaking strategic planning for a new West Coast Ocean Partnership.
  • Pacific Islands Marine Planning: BOEM supports the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in its role as the designated Department of Interior representative to the Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body.