Rules Published in the Federal Register

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81 FR 70357

Leasing of Sulfur or Oil and Gas in Outer Continental Shelf 

81 FR 46599

Notice of Availability of Notice to Lessees and Operators of Federal Oil and Gas, and Sulfur Leases, and Holders of Pipeline Right-of-Way and Right-of-Use and Easement Grants in the Outer Continental Shelf-Requiring Additional Security

81 FR 15699

Oil and Gas and Sulfur Operations on the Outer Continental Shelf-Requirements for Exploratory Drilling on the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf

81 FR 34274

Leasing of Sulfur or Oil and Gas in the Outer Continental Shelf; Correction


Leasing of Sulfur or Oil and Gas in the Outer Continental Shelf

80 FR 81454

Allocation and Disbursement of Royalties, Rentals, and Bonuses-Oil and Gas, Offshore

80 FR 57092

Updating Addresses and Contact Information in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's Regulations

79 FR 73832

Consumer Price Index Adjustments of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Limit of Liability for Offshore Facilities

79 FR 21617 Timing Requirements for the Submission of a Site Assessment Plan (SAP) or General Activities Plan (GAP) for a Renewable Energy Project on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) 04/17/2014
77 FR 1019 Renewable Energy Alternate Uses of Existing Facilities on the Outer Continental Shelf – Acquire a Lease Non-competitively; Correction 01/09/2012
76 FR 64431 Reorganization of Title 30: Bureaus of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and Ocean Energy Management  10/18/2011