Technical Announcements 2002

2002-078 Deepwater Program: Bluewater Fishing and OCS Activity: Interactions Between the Fishing and Petroleum Industries in Deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico, Final Report
2002-077 Offshore Petroleum Platforms: Functional Significance for Larval Fish Across Longitudinal and Latitudinal Gradients
2002-073 Emissions Inventories of OCS Production and Development Activities in the Gulf of Mexico, Final Report
2002-072 Effect of the Oil and Gas Industry on Commuting and Migration Patterns in Louisiana: 1960-1990
2002-069 Oil-Spill Risk Analysis: Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Lease Sales, Eastern Planning Area, 2003-2007, and Gulfwide OCS Program 2003-2042
2002-064 Lagrangian Study of Circulation, Transport, and Vertical Exchange in the Gulf of Mexico
2002-063 Deepwater Program: Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope Habitats and Benthic Ecology -- Year 2: Interim Report
2002-055 Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Chemical Oceanography and Hydrography Study: Synthesis Report
2002-054 Socioeconomic Baseline Study for the Gulf of Mexico, Final Report: Description of the Dataset, 1930-1990
2002-048 Development of Bioremediation for Oil Spill Cleanup in Coastal Wetlands
Boating Uses, Economic Significance, & Information Inventory for North Carolina's Offshore Area, "The Point"
Volume I: Characterization of Recreational and Commercial Fisheries
Volume II: Economic Analysis of "The Point" and Adjacent Counties:
Baseline Information, Valuation, and Potential Impacts
Volume III: Data Inventory Related to the Hatteras Middle Slope Area Bibliography
2002-038 Outer Continental Shelf Pipelines Crossing the Louisiana Coastal Zone: Geographic Information System Approach, Final Report
Stability and Change in Gulf of Mexico Chemosynthetic Communities, Volume I: Executive Summary, Volume II: Final Report
2002-031 Daily Oil and Gas Production Rate Projections From 2002 Through 2006, Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf
2002-028 Observation of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study in the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico
Socioeconomic Baseline and Projections of the Impact of an OCS Onshore Base for Selected Florida Panhandle Communities -- Volume I: Final Report; Volume II: Technical Description of the MMS Florida Panhandle Model; Volume III: User's Guide for the Model
Social and Economic Impacts of OCS Activity on Individuals and Families Volume I: Final Report, Southern Louisiana Volume II: Case Studies of Morgan City and New Iberia, Louisiana
2002-021 Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 2002: America's Expanding Frontier
2002-011 Socioeconomic and Environmental Issues Analysis of Oil and Gas Activity in the Outer Continental Shelf of the Western Gulf of Mexico
2002-010 Economic Impact of Recreational Fishing and Diving Associated with Offshore Oil and Gas Structures in the Gulf of Mexico
2002-009 Effects of Simultaneous Exposure to Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Hypoxia, and Prior Exposure on the Tolerance and Sublethal Responses of Marine Animals; Blue Crabs and Killifish: Final Report
2002-007 Estimated Oil and Gas Reserves, Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf, December 31, 1999
2002-004 Proceedings: Gulf of Mexico Fish and Fisheries: Bringing Together New and Recent Research

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