Technical Announcements 2005

2005-067 Mapping Areas of Hard Bottom and Other Important Bottom Types: Outer Continental Shelf and Upper Continental Slope
2005-066 Proceedings: 23rd Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting, January 2005
2005-054 Evaluating Sublethal Effects of Exposure to Petroleum Additives on Fishes Associated with Offshore Platforms
2005-052 Estimated Oil and Gas Reserves Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf, December 31, 2002
2005-047 Feasibility of Using Remote-Sensing Techniques for Shoreline Delineation and Coastal Habitat Classification for Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping
2005-044 Relative Contribution of Produced Water Discharge Oxygen Demand in the Development of Hypoxia
2005-039 Aspects of the Louisiana Coastal Current
2005-038 Characterization of Algal-Invertebrate Mats at Offshore Platforms and the Assessment of Methods for Artificial Substrate Studies:  Final Report
2005-032 Understanding the Processes that Maintain the Oxygen Levels in the Deep Gulf of Mexico: Synthesis Report
2005-031 Climatology of Ocean Features in the Gulf of Mexico, Final Report
2005-029 Modeling Structure Removal Processes in the Gulf of Mexico
2005-023 Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 2005: Interim Report of 2004 Highlights
2005-019 Effects of Oil and Gas Development: A Current Awareness Bibliography, 2000-2004
2005-016 Workshop on Socioeconomic Research Issues for the Gulf of Mexico OCS Region
2005-013 Notice of Availability of the Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Structure-Removal Operations on the Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf
2005-012 Potential Spatial and Temporal Vulnerability of Pelagic Fish Assemblages in the Gulf of Mexico to Surface Oil Spills Associated with Deepwater Petroleum Development
2005-009 Interactions Between Migrating Birds and Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico : Final Report  
2005-008 Visibility and Atmospheric Dispersion Capability over the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Estimates and Observations of Boundary Layer Parameters

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