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Of Company, Qualification, Financial Assurance, and Bonding Information and Documents

The Technical Information Management System (TIMS) Company and Bonding applications are Web-based programs that provide oil and gas industry users with the ability to submit online requests for company, qualification, merger and bonding information for review and approval. Electronic submittal of data provides a secure file transfer mechanism and eliminates data collection errors and inefficiencies. TIMS is a safe, secure, and convenient way to maintain and ensure real-time access to the most current and accurate data online. Once Company and Bonding requests are submitted electronically, it enables BOEM to review and enter the appropriate decision regarding these requests in a timely manner. Using TIMS in lieu of paper submittals allows industry to:

  1. Qualify to bid on, hold, or operate an OCS oil and gas or sulphur lease, pipeline right-of-way (ROW) or right-of-use and easement (RUE);
  2. Update qualification documentation (merger, business conversion, change of name);
  3. Update company information (including, but not limited to, name of authorized officials, title of authorized officials, address, phone number and website); and
  4. Submit or update evidence of financial assurance for performance of lease, RUE, or ROW obligations; financial assurance may take the form of a surety bond, Treasury note, letter of credit, trust agreement, or indemnity agreement.

These data management tools will reduce errors through data validation of submitted documents and improve operating efficiency with real–time access to industry information and data. The electronic submittal programs are referred to as the “TIMS Web Company” (covering the first three categories of submittals listed above) and “TIMS Web Bonding” (covering the fourth category).