Program Offices


The Office of Resource Evaluation, Gulf Region, concentrates on determining the fair market value on the tracts that received bids in the Gulf of Mexico Lease Sales. Getting a fair return for American taxpayers remains a priority and is an essential part of what RE does in the Gulf Region. 

The Office of Environment manages the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), which contains 160 million acres, and of that, 6 million acres are producing oil and natural gas. For several decades, The Region's Office of Environment (OEnv) has been responsible for assessing environmental activities and conducting studies associated with mineral extraction carried out in the GOM OCS.

The Office of Leasing and Plans coordinates and administers plans associated with exploration, development and production of energy and mineral resources on OCS leases and manages leases. 


Gulf of Mexico OCS Region
1201 Elmwood Park Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70123-2394

Main Phone Number: 800-200-4853