BOEM Newsroom


The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) provides information to the media and to our external stakeholders with environmental organizations, industry, trade associations and academia. We have a strong group of public affairs professionals working to ensure transparency of all aspects of BOEM's mission.

Along with addressing the needs of media with an interest in energy and Outer Continental Shelf issues, BOEM OPA has an active stakeholder relations program. Our OPA professionals in the BOEM regional offices serve as points of contact with media as well as external stakeholders. Blossom Robinson is our headquarters lead for stakeholder inquiries.

We make every attempt to respond to external requests promptly. If you leave a message for us or write a note, please make note of your deadline in your request. Below, you will find all of our points of contact in OPA.

Public Affairs Contacts:

Chief, Office of
Public Affairs
Connie Gillette


Deputy Chief, OPA and
Media Relations Manager

Tracey Moriarty

HQs Stakeholder
Relations/Social Media

Blossom Robinson


Renewable Energy
Stephen Boutwell


Scientific Studies
Marine Minerals
BOEM Ocean Science Journal
Marjorie Weisskohl


Web Management
Dawn Buras

Gulf of Mexico Region
John Filostrat


Pacific Region
John Romero


Alaska Region
John Callahan