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You Can Be Involved in Our Work

Public involvement is an important component of evaluating impacts of proposed actions. BOEM consults, coordinates, and collaborates with governmental entities and stakeholders to gather information for decision-makers on ways to make informed decisions and minimize impacts of activities on the OCS.

Ways to Participate

BOEM is especially interested in collecting input through the NEPA process and hosts public meetings when preparing environmental assessments for decisions. Public comments help BOEM better understand the environment and potential impacts of proposed activities.

Providing Comments

One well-supported comment is often more influential than a thousand form letters. Your input provides a clearer, more focused approach and helps determine what is important to consider. When crafting a comment, it may be helpful to consider these questions:

  • How will you or the environment be affected?
  • Are there any other environmental resources and impacting factors BOEM should consider?
  • What measures would you propose to reduce or eliminate impacts?
  • What resources, literature, GIS/maps, or other data should BOEM consider?

Additional Information


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