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What’s New?

On April 24, 2024, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced a new five-year offshore wind lease schedule, which includes up to 12 potential offshore wind energy lease sales through 2028. Future lease sales from BOEM are anticipated in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, and the waters offshore the U.S. territories in the next five years. The leasing schedule includes four potential offshore lease sales in 2024, one each in 2025 and 2026, two in 2027, and four in 2028.  


Leases and Grants

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Interactive BOEM Leases and Planning Areas Maps

Below is a table of leases and grants that BOEM has executed since the inception of its renewable energy program, links to the necessary administrative forms and studies that have informed BOEM's wind energy lease sales, and access instructions for the most up-to-date lease information. 

Original lease documents are linked within the table below. To review lease amendments that may have occurred after lease execution, please use the BSEE database tool described at the bottom of this page.

For more information on each lease, including the total acreage of the lease area, refer to the Interactive BOEM Leases and Planning Areas Maps

Summary statistics for BOEM's offshore wind competitive auctions are available here.

Lease or Grant NumberLease or Grant PageAuthorization Resource TypeResource TypeLease Effective YearLessee or GranteeStatus
OCS-A 0472Deepwater WindInterim Policy Lease*Wind2009Deepwater Wind, LLCExpired
OCS-A 0473Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey LLCInterim Policy Lease*Wind2009Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey LLCExpired
OCS-A 0474Bluewater Wind Delaware LLCInterim Policy Lease*Wind2009Bluewater Wind Delaware LLCRelinquished
OCS-A 0475Bluewater Wind New Jersey Energy LLCInterim Policy Lease*Wind2009Bluewater Wind New Jersey Energy LLCRelinquished
OCS-A 0478Cape WindCommercial Lease*Wind2010Cape Wind Associates, LLCRelinquished
OCS-A 0482GSOE ICommercial Lease*Wind2012GSOE I, LLCActive
OCS-A 0483Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind CommercialCommercial Lease*Wind2013Virginia Electric and Power CompanyActive
OCS-A 0486Revolution WindCommercial Lease*Wind2013Revolution Wind, LLCActive
OCS-A 0487Sunrise WindCommercial Lease*Wind2013Sunrise Wind LLCActive
OCS-A 0489US WindCommercial Lease*Wind2014US Wind Inc.Consolidated
OCS-A 0490US WindCommercial Lease*Wind2014US Wind Inc.Active
OCS-A 0495Florida Atlantic University Board of TrusteesResearch LeaseMarine Hydrokinetic Wind2014Florida Atlantic University Board of TrusteesRelinquished
OCS-A 0497Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Pilot ProjectResearch Lease*Wind2015Virginia Department of EnergyActive
OCS-A 0498Ocean Wind 1Commercial LeaseWind2016Ocean Wind LLCActive
OCS-A 0499Atlantic Shores SouthCommercial LeaseWind2016Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project 1, LLC; Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project 2, LLCActive
OCS-A 0500Bay State WindCommercial LeaseWind2015Bay State Wind LLCActive
OCS-A 0501Vineyard Wind 1Commercial LeaseWind2015Vineyard Wind 1 LLCActive
OCS-A 0506sea2shore: The Renewable LinkRight of Way GrantWind2014The Narragansett Electric CompanyActive
OCS-A 0508Kitty Hawk NorthCommercial LeaseWind2017Kitty Hawk Wind, LLCActive
OCS-A 0512Empire WindCommercial LeaseWind2017Empire Offshore Wind LLCActive
OCS-A 0517South Fork WindCommercial LeaseWind2020South Fork Wind, LLCActive
OCS-A 0519SkipjackCommercial Lease*Wind2018Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLCActive
OCS-A 0520Beacon WindCommercial LeaseWind2019Beacon Wind LLCActive
OCS-A 0521SouthCoast WindCommercial LeaseWind2019SouthCoast Wind Energy LLCActive
OCS-A 0522Vineyard NortheastCommercial LeaseWind2019Vineyard Northeast LLCActive
OCS-A 0530Sunrise Wind LLCCommercial LeaseWind2015Sunrise Wind LLCConsolidated
OCS-A 0532Ocean Wind 2Commercial LeaseWind2016Orsted North America Inc. Active
OCS-A 0534New England Wind 1Commercial LeaseWind2015Park City Wind LLCActive
OCS-A 0537Bluepoint WindCommercial LeaseWind2022Bluepoint Wind, LLCActive
OCS-A 0538Attentive EnergyCommercial LeaseWind2022Attentive Energy LLCActive
OCS-A 0539Community Offshore WindCommercial LeaseWind2022Community Offshore Wind, LLCActive
OCS-A 0541Atlantic Offshore WindCommercial LeaseWind2022Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Bight, LLCActive
OCS-A 0542Invenergy WindCommercial LeaseWind2022Invenergy Wind Offshore LLCActive
OCS-A 0544Vineyard Mid-Atlantic LLCCommercial LeaseWind2022Vineyard Mid-Atlantic LLCActive
OCS-A 0545TotalEnergies Carolina Long Bay, LLCCommercial LeaseWind2022TotalEnergies Carolina Long Bay, LLCActive
OCS-A 0546Cinergy CorpCommercial LeaseWind2022Cinergy CorpActive
OCS-A 0549Atlantic Shores NorthCommercial LeaseWind2022Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLCActive
OCS-P 0560PacWave SouthResearch Lease*Marine Hydrokinetic2021Oregon State UniversityActive
OCS-P 0561CaliforniaCommercial LeaseWind2023RWE Offshore Wind Holdings, LLCActive
OCS-P 0562CaliforniaCommercial LeaseWind2023California North Floating LLCActive
OCS-P 0563CaliforniaCommercial LeaseWind2023Equinor Wind US LLC Active
OCS-P 0564CaliforniaCommercial LeaseWind2023Golden State Wind LLCActive
OCS-P 0565CaliforniaCommercial LeaseWind2023Invenergy California Offshore LLCActive
OCS-G 37334Gulf of MexicoCommercial LeaseWind2023RWE Offshore US Gulf, LLCActive
OCS-A 0561New England Wind 2Commercial LeaseWind2024Commonwealth Wind, LLC Active

*non-competitive lease

Lease and Grant Administration 

BOEM maintains a series of forms related to the administration of BOEM leases and grants on the Outer Continental Shelf. These forms are available on the BOEM OCS Operation Forms webpage

BOEM Auction System

BOEM will begin using a new auction system for sales in 2024.  Information on the rules and login procedures can be found below:

Leasing Studies/Reports

BOEM has studied different auction systems for issuing renewable energy leases, easements, and rights-of-way on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). BOEM issued a contract to Power Auctions, LLC to study different types of auctions for this purpose. BOEM published the study in three parts, and is available at the links below:

BOEM also published a paper (Summary of Renewable Energy Auction Formats under Consideration by BOEM) to facilitate public comment on auction format options, as presented in the Auction Format Information Request (AFIR) published by BOEM in the Federal Register on December 2, 2011.

Operating Fee 

Addendum B in each commercial lease provides instructions for calculating the Operating Fee once a project begins commercial operations.  The first spreadsheet below includes the wholesale power prices BOEM will use to validate Operating Fee payments.  The second spreadsheet provides an Operating Fee calculation template. 

Up-to-Date Leasing Information

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) maintains a Data Center containing up-to-date leasing information including electronic copies of executed leases and grants, and approved administrative forms (e.g., Assignments, Relinquishments, Bonds). Copies of lease segregations, amendments and other decisions that affect lease status, ownership, location, terms and/or conditions can also be found on the Data Center. You can access the Data Center at the following link:

To search by Lease Number, use the following query format: A0 + last four digits of the lease or grant number. Example: Commercial Lease OCS-A 0487 search by A00487