Partners: Federal, State and Other Stakeholders


The success of the Marine Minerals Program depends on partnerships with other federal agencies, state and local governments, organizations such as regional planning bodies, industry and the business community, academia, non-governmental organizations, tribes, and the general public. The relationships we are building and fortifying with a wide range of stakeholders are helping to reach a new level of coastal resilience. Our goal is to contribute to the nation’s environmental, economic and recreational well-being through the completion of safe, sustainable projects.

The results of these partnerships are mostly felt at the local level, and that is the bedrock of much of our stakeholder outreach. BOEM holds meetings several times a year with regional sand management working groups (SMWGs) to discuss coastal restoration issues, concerns and challenges. The meetings allow for an exchange of information and perspectives, foster communication and coordination, and provide updates on funding opportunities, research efforts, and coastal projects. SMWG members represent state and federal agencies, researchers, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders who are committed to promoting a resilient and sustainable approach to the management of marine resources in an ecologically sound manner. SMWGs exist for the Gulf of Mexico, New England (through the Northeast Regional Ocean Council, NRCO), the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Florida.

BOEM’s slide presentations from many of the previous SMWG meetings are available on the events page.

The MMP works closely with the following organizations:




Other Academic/Scientific Organizations

Councils and Working Groups: