Maps and GIS Data

Map reference for — This online interactive map viewer has integrated submerged lands information consisting of legal, property ownership (cadastre), physical, biological, ocean uses, and cultural information from multiple agencies in a common reference framework. Users can create, view, and print maps from this free, easy to use viewer, or can directly link these GIS data layers (web map services) into their own GIS applications. Most data are downloadable directly from the data registry.  Additional map mash-ups are available to use or for simple viewing.

Other tools such as OceanReports and the Environmental Studies Program Information System - ESPIS can also be found from the site.

GIS Data map

GIS Data/Shapefiles — Download GIS data files for BOEM Offshore block grids, boundaries, active leases, wells, pipelines, and more. 

Lease Map Diagrams OPD, SOBD, CBD, & Lease Map Diagrams — Official Protraction Diagrams (OPDs) and Lease Maps show the OCS block grids and other boundaries for a  given area. Supplemental Official Block Diagrams (SOBDs) are created for individual blocks which are intersected by offshore boundaries. The zip files may contain both current and historic SOBDs. The older SOBDs are provided for historical reference, but all future activities will be based on the most current SOBDs. Composite Block Diagrams (CBDs) show NAD 27 lease information portrayed on the NAD 83 cadastre, or show other boundaries that have changed over time. Not all OPDs have SOBDs or CBDs associated with them.  Click on the individual Region names:
Global photo for Map Gallery

BOEM Map Gallery — Direct links to a selection of national, regional, local and special purpose maps which are spread throughout BOEM's web site.

Report cover for OCS Mapping Initiatives

OCS Boundary Policies and Procedures — This page contains court decisions, treaties, legislation, policies, procedures, and other documents that guide the boundary making process on the Outer Continental Shelf.

4 quarter shots of maps for Additional Data Sources

Additional Data Sources — links to additional (external) GIS data sources.