Western Gulf Of Mexico Lease Sale 218 Statistics

The documents below contain statistical information specific to Sale 218 held on December 14, 2011. The reports organize the data in several different ways.

  • Sale Statistics - Includes general summary information on sale bids.
  • Preliminary Bid Recap by Area & Block for All Bids (Report 1)
    Includes complete information on all blocks that received bids. A final bid recap which includes bid acceptance and rejection results will be posted approximately three months after sale day.
  • High Bids Ranked by Bid Amount (Report 4)
    Includes information on all high bids in ranked order.
  • Analysis of Bids by Company 
    Includes information on all bids by all companies.
  • Summaries of Company Bids (Report 6) - Includes bidding information by companies. The four reports are sorted by company as follows:  
  • Sale 218 ZIP File 
    This file displays bid information on acreage, royalty rates, and companies participating in this sale. It contains five fixed format, ASCII data files of tract, bid, and company data as well as a text file which shows the record layouts.