2023 Gulf of Mexico Offshore Sand Management Working Group


Broadcast live via Zoom. 


This year’s meeting will discuss sediment management activity across the Gulf of Mexico, including sand inventory efforts, environmental research, and cooperative/interagency agreements. Multi-use initiatives such as offshore renewable energy projects, oil and gas infrastructure, and carbon sequestration will also be covered during the meeting. 

Public access will be limited so virtual attendance is encouraged. 

Broadcast live via Zoom.  Registration link - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ZU40UYBo3EubDMtI45yjtXK0YjWxz85OnzqCmY_IWG5UQVRPR0FMM1pXQlJLRzRNN1dDNDFaSE84Ui4u.

The full agenda is available at https://www.boem.gov/marine-minerals/2023-gom-smwg-agenda.