Pacific OCS Region Renewable Energy Program


The BOEM Pacific OCS Region has an active Renewable Energy Program and is currently processing wind and wave energy lease requests. Due to the relatively steep continental slope and deep water off the West Coast and Hawaii, different types of offshore renewable energy technologies have been proposed for the Pacific Region than for the Atlantic Region. To date, all Pacific Region leasing processes have begun with unsolicited lease requests from applicants.

The President announced on April 22, 2009 that the Interior Department completed theFinal Renewable Energy Framework (rulemaking process) to govern management of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Renewable Energy Program.

The final rule establishes a program to grant leases, easements and rights-of-way on the OCS for orderly, safe and environmentally responsible renewable energy development activities.

Key mandates for the BOEM OCS Renewable Energy Program include: 

  • Safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Coordination with affected state, local and tribal governments and Federal agencies;
  • Fair return for use of OCS lands and
  • Equitable sharing of revenue with states

BOEM OCS Renewable Energy Fact Sheet

Pacific Region State Activities

Renewable Energy Ocean Science Research

BOEM’s Environmental Studies Program develops, conducts, and oversees world-class scientific research specifically to inform policy decisions regarding development of OCS energy resources.

  • Recent Study Highlights:
    • Determining the Infrastructure Needs to Support Offshore Floating Wind and Marine Hydrokinetic Facilities on the Pacific West Coast and Hawaii (OCS Report 2016-011)
    • Pacific Offshore Time Series Wind Resource Analysis – Hourly Wind Speed by Month (NREL Wind Prospector)
    • The Pacific Regional Ocean Uses Atlas: Data and Tools for Understanding Ocean Space Use in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii (OCS Report 2015-014)

The Emerging Technologies Program is a research element within the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. The Program supports renewable energy research associated with Operational safety, engineering standards and pollution prevention. 

Offshore Renewable Energy Resources and Technology

Pacific Renewable Energy Resource Maps

OCS Renewable Energy Program