Approved Information Collection

An Information Collection Request describes reporting, record keeping, survey, forms or other information collection requirements mandated on the public by a Federal agency.

The Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) was enacted to minimize the burden that the government imposes on the public and improve the quality and use of Federal information. The PRA stipulates that every Federal agency must obtain approval from the Office of Management and Budget before collecting the same or similar information from 10 or more members of the public.

A major requirement of the PRA is for each collection of information to display a valid control number and expiration date. You can find BOEM’s current OMB approved information collections below and on OMB’s website,

OMB Control Number




Oil and Gas and Sulfur

Leasing of Sulfur or Oil and Gas in the OCS (30 CFR 550, 556, and 560)


Geological and Geophysical Explorations

Geological and Geophysical Explorations of the OCS (30 CFR 551)


Oil and Gas and Sulfur

Pollution Prevention and Control (30 CFR 550, subpart C)


Marine Minerals

Prospecting for Minerals other than Oil, Gas, and Sulfur on the OCS and Authorizations of Noncommercial G&G Activities (30 CFR 580)


Marine Minerals

Operations in the OCS for Mineral other than Oil, Gas, and Sulfur (30 CFR 582)


Marine Minerals

Leasing of Minerals other than Oil, Gas, and Sulfur in the OCS (30 CFR 581)


Oil and Gas and Sulfur

Oil Spill Financial Responsibility for Offshore Facilities (30 CFR 553)


Oil and Gas and Sulfur

Oil and Gas Production Requirements (30 CFR 550, subpart A and K)


Oil and Gas and Sulfur

Plans and Information (30 CFR 550, subpart B)


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and Alternate Uses of Existing Facilities on the OCS (30 CFR 585)


Marine Minerals

Project Planning for the Use of OCS Sand, Gravel, and Shell Resources in Construction Projects that Qualify for a Negotiated Noncompetitive Agreement


Marine Minerals

Negotiated Noncompetitive Agreements for the Use of Sand, Gravel and Shell Resources on the OCS (30 CFR 583)

1010-0194 Environmental Programs Evaluating Connections: Environmental Studies and Assessments