Offshore Wind and Maritime Industry Knowledge Exchange

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) promotes energy independence, environmental protection and economic development through responsible, science-based management of Outer Continental Shelf conventional and renewable energy resources. To date, BOEM has awarded 13 commercial offshore wind leases with wind energy leases off every state from Massachusetts to North Carolina.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management would like to invite you to an Offshore Wind and Maritime Industry Knowledge Exchange on March 5th and 6th, 2018.
The workshop will be held at:

Hilton BWI Baltimore Airport 

At this workshop, subject matter experts will discuss the regulatory regime governing offshore wind energy development, including measures to minimize risk to safety and disruptions to maritime transportation operations while supporting the development of domestic renewable energy.

Attendees will learn about the design and operation of offshore wind facilities, potential timelines for development on the Atlantic Ocean, and navigation safety issues associated with the transit of commercial vessels in the vicinity of wind farm facilities. Time will be set aside for interactive discussions between stakeholders.

Meeting Materials

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Pre-Meeting Materials

United States Ocean Plans - Maine to Virginia

Determining the Infrastructure Needs to Support Offshore Floating Wind and Marine Hydrokinetic Facilities on the Pacific West Coast and Hawaii (2016)

  • Identifying the infrastructure needed for offshore renewable energy development on the Pacific coast and Hawaii

The Identification of Port Modifications and their Environmental and Socioeconomic Consequences (2016)

  • Examining ports along the Atlantic coast for their use in supporting offshore wind development and determining the modifications they may need

The Pacific Regional Ocean Uses Atlas, Data and Tools for Understanding Ocean Space Use in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii (2015)

  • Documenting where coastal communities use the ocean across a full range of typical human activities and sectors

Identification of OCS Renewable Energy Space-Use Conflicts and Analysis of Potential Mitigation (2012)

  • Identifying space use conflicts between renewable energy and other uses of the ocean on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts

TAP 633: Technology Assessment Program Study on Wind Farm/Turbine Accidents (2010)

  • Assessing accidents and how they apply to risks to personnel and property on the Outer Continental Shelf and recommending design standards to ensure structural safety, reliability, and survivability.

TAP 686: Technology Assessment Program Study on Worker Safety (2013)

  • Considering BOEM’s worker safety program and the risks to workers on wind farms.

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