The Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is a significant source of oil and gas for the Nation’s energy supply. Approximately 16 million (as of March 2017) leased OCS acres account for about 4 percent of America’s domestic natural gas production and about 18 percent of America’s domestic oil production. BOEM manages the Nation's OCS resources to ensure environmentally and economically responsible production and drilling and the timely removal of decommissioned production facilities.

The OCS areas of the United States are estimated to contain significant quantities of resources in yet-to-be-discovered oil and gas fields. The Bureau estimates of oil and gas resources in undiscovered fields on the OCS total about 90 billion barrels of oil and 327 trillion cubic feet of gas (2016 National Assessment, mean estimates).

National OCS Leasing Program National OCS ProgramEstablishes a schedule of oil and gas lease sales proposed for planning areas of the OCS.

LeasingLeasingBOEM is responsible for all OCS leasing policy and program development issues for oil, gas and other marine minerals.

Exploration and Development PlansExploration and Development PlansStatus of Exploration and Development Plans subject to enhanced safety and environmental requirements in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mapping and GIS Data Mapping and GIS DataLinks to official BOEM GIS datasets, map and boundary products and related documents, and map galleries and external data sources .

Resource Evaluation ProgramResource EvaluationThese program activities support both energy and non-energy program areas through critical technical and economic analysis.

Energy Economics Energy EconomicsSupporting energy and mineral leasing policies and national energy strategies.

Risk ManagementRisk Management Ensuring an effective financial assurance program.