Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 174 Information

Western Gulf Lease Sale 174 was held on August 25, 1999, at the Hyatt Regency Conference Center (Cabildo Rooms), 500 Poydras Plaza, New Orleans, LA.

The sale was broadcast at 9:00 AM on Radio Stations:  KNON (89.3 FM) in Dallas, KTSU (90.9 FM) in Houston, KRVS (88.7 FM) in Lafayette, WTUL (91.5 FM) in New Orleans, compliments of the Offshore Oil Scouts Association.

NOTE: The Final Notice of Sale for Sale 174 was published in the Federal Register on July 16, 1999, at 64 FR 38468. The Sale Notice Package of supporting documents and maps was made available that day. Subsequent to that publication, the Navy requested deferring four additional blocks adjacent to an already deferred area used for testing and training by the Navy’s Mine Warfare command in Corpus Christi, Texas. The MMS agreed, and this was announced in the Federal Register on August 6, 1999, at 64 FR 42961. Therefore, although listed in the Sale Notice Package as unleased and available for bidding, the following four blocks have been deferred from Sale 174: Mustang Island Area Blocks 775, 798, 821, and 822Any bids received on these blocks will be returned unopened to the submitter.

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