Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 185 Information

Central Gulf Lease Sale 185 was held on March 19, 2003, in New Orleans, LA.

 Photo of Fish Around Platform Legs

NOTE: Vermilion Area Block 112, although listed as available in this sale in the document "List of Blocks Available for Leasing", is NOT available. Also, the document titled "Unleased Split Blocks and Available Unleased Acreage of Blocks with Aliquots and Irregular Portions Under Lease or Deferred" contains an administrative error regarding West Cameron Area Block 132. The portion of that block which is unleased and thus available for bid in Sale 185 is actually the North ½, not the South ½, of the block. Please click here to obtain the change notice: Change to List of Available Blocks for Sale 185.

NOTE: The Offshore Oil Scouts Association (OOSA) will provide a live webcast of Sale 185. The webcast will begin 9:00 am (CST). Interested listeners may pre-register via the OOSA website at www.oosa.com. This webcast will be accessible by using MS Windows Media Player as well as Real Player. There are links for MS Windows Media Player and Real Player available via the OOSA website for those who may need to upgrade their computer to the required version.