BOEM Lease Sale 253
Lease Sale 253
Lease Sale 253 will be held in 2019 in New Orleans, LA

Press Release - Interior Proposes Region-Wide Oil and Gas Lease Sale 253 for Gulf of Mexico (March 12, 2019)

Federal Register Notice - Notice of Availability of the Proposed Notice of Sale for Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Region-wide Lease Sale 253 (March 2019)

Proposed NOS 253

Proposed NOS 253 Information to Lessees

Lease Stipulations for Oil and Gas Lease Sale 253

Example of Preferred Format: Geophysical Data and Information Statement and Sample Envelope 

Blank GDIS Excel Spreadsheet
For Potential Bidders - Provided for your reference and suggested use is a blank digital copy of the GDIS table, in Excel format, which you may download, complete and submit along with the GDIS and your bid.

Question and Answer section for the GDIS

Bid Form and Envelope
Companies bidding on blocks that are divided by the Central/Eastern Planning area boundary (specifically those blocks that are in DeSoto Canyon (Map number NH16-11), Lloyd Ridge (Map number NG16-02) and Henderson (Map number NG16-05 ) in the official protraction diagrams) shall provide the acreage as described in the List of Available Blocks by Planning Area noted on the bid and the bid envelope.

Sale Maps

Lease Terms and Economic Conditions (pdf file) or (zipped postscript file*)

Stipulations and Deferred Blocks (pdf file) or (zipped postscript file*)

*Note: These are enhanced Postscript plot files generated by ArcGIS. They can be plotted locally. Version 19.0 of WINZIP was used to compress these files.

Instructions for Making EFT Bonus Payments (Updated February 2019)