Alaska Region G&G Survey 17-01

SAExploration Inc.

Beaufort Sea, 2017


SAExploration Inc. (SAE) has submitted an application for a permit to conduct an ocean-bottom-node, marine seismic survey to acquire 3D seismic data, using an airgun array as the energy source, in the Beaufort Sea Outer Continental Shelf Planning Area.  The proposed program is planned to start July 15 and be completed by Oct. 30, 2017 Survey Area Map


April 21, 2017:  SAE withdraws their G&G permit application.

March 23, 2017:  The application submitted by SAExploration Inc. to BOEM’s Alaska Region for a G&G Permit to conduct seismic exploration activities is deemed complete.  The proposed survey is designated OCS Permit 17-01.  Review of the proposed activity begins, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviewApplication


Additional information on the proposed survey can be found in the:

Plan of Operations

Wildlife Interaction Plan

Marine Mammal Monitoring and Mitigation Plan