Alaska Region G&G Survey 18-01

Hilcorp Alaska LLC (HAK)

Cook Inlet, 2018


Hilcorp Alaska, LLC, submitted an application for a permit to conduct geophysical exploration for mineral resources with an airborne gravity and magnetic data survey over the waters of the Cook Inlet OCS Planning Area, Alaska. The proposed program is to start on or after July 7 and be completed by August 31, 2018. Survey Area Map 


August 17, 2018: Hilcorp notified BOEM they had completed this survey.

June 29, 2018: Hilcorp signs Permit 18-01. Permit is approved and issued.

June 26, 2018: BOEM Office of the Environment determines the change in activity dates will not affect their previous CER determination of no significant impact.

June 26, 2018BOEM notified of FAA waiver issued to Hilcorp for survey activity.

June 20, 2018USFWS issues IHA to Hilcorp for the survey.

May 23, 2018Hilcorp amended their application to change the dates of this activity to June 1 to September 30, 2018.

May 1, 2018BOEM Office of the Environment issues Categorical Exclusion noting a determination that the proposed survey has no significant impact.

January 2, 2018:  The application submitted by HAK to BOEM’s Alaska Region for a permit is deemed complete. The proposed survey is designated OCS Permit 18-01. Review of the proposed activity begins, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review including additional information on the proposed survey. 

December 28, 2017:  BOEM received an Application for a Permit to Conduct Geophysical (G&G) Exploration for Mineral Resources on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) from HAK. Hilcorp plans to conduct an airborne gravity and magnetic data program in the Cook Inlet OCS Planning Area, Alaska.