Public Outreach through the BOEM Ocean Science Journal

BOEM Biologists Meet with High School Student Exploring a Career in Marine Biology


Public Outreach through the BOEM Ocean Science
High school student Spencer Johns (right) meets with BOEM biologists Mark Mueller (center), Nicole Hughes (left), and Allison Hernandez (not pictured).

BOEM Ocean Science subscriber Rebecca Johns and husband Bret recently accompanied their son, Spencer, to meet with biologists at BOEM’s Gulf of Mexico OCS Region office in New Orleans, Louisiana. Spencer, an incoming high school sophomore in Orange, Texas, was intrigued by marine biology-focused articles published in BOEM Ocean Science and wanted to learn more about this field. The opportunity to meet and speak with BOEM’s biologists allowed Spencer to learn more about biology, from marine mammals and protected species to deepwater corals and chemosynthetic communities. In addition, Spencer learned how a degree in biology can prepare a college graduate for a wide variety of careers in science, whether in Federal or State agencies, academia, or the private sector. While meeting with Spencer, BOEM biologists shared their experiences with college undergraduate and graduate programs and volunteer opportunities, and offered recommendations on networking through conference attendance and how to stand out as a student. The chance for a high school student to meet and talk with professionals in their prospective career path is a great opportunity, one that BOEM was more than happy to provide to a future scientist.

~October 2019