A Brief Overview Of The Mid-Atlantic Ocean

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body’s (RPB’s) internal workgroup focused on developing a Regional Ocean Assessment (ROA) prepared this white paper, “A Brief Overview of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean: Characteristics, Trends, and Challenges” for the RPB to establish a basic common understanding of topics, and help focus and guide their discussions on the region. The ideas expressed here, particularly in sections on “Collaboration Opportunities” and “Key Issues and Intersections,” are the result of discussions solely among the ROA workgroup and are included here to illustrate the complexities associated with managing healthy ocean ecosystems and sustainable uses in the region. To the extent that this document provides context for the regional planning process, the RPB may draw from it during the process of drafting the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan. Opportunities and actions that emerge through other RPB processes may or may not mirror the issues put forth in this document.