Completed Coastal Marine Institute Studies

Physical Oceanography Studies

MMS 2009-043 Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) Use of the Ship/Trinity/Tiger Shoal Complexas a Nationally Important Spawning/Hatching/Foraging Ground:  Discovery, Elevation, and Sand Mining Recommendations Based on Blue Crab, Shrimp, and Spotted Seatrout Finding
MMS 2008-001   Deepwater Currents in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico:  Observations at 25.5°N and 87°W
MMS 2007-056 Full Water Column Currents near the Sigsbee Escarpment (91-92º W Longitude) and Relationships with the Loop Current and Associated Warm and Cold-Core Eddies
MMS 2004-063 High-Resolution Integrated Hydrology-Hydrodynamic Model: Development and Application to Barataria Basin, Louisiana
MMS 2004-036 Observational and Predictive Study of Inner Shelf Currents over the Louisiana-Texas Shelf
MMS 2002-064 Lagrangian Study of Circulation, Transport, and Vertical Exchange in the Gulf of Mexico.
MMS 2001-057 Investigation of Pressure and Pressure Gradients Along the Louisiana/Texas Inner Shelf and Their Relationships to Wind Forcing and Current Variability
MMS 2001-054 Dispersion in Broad, Shallow Estuaries:  A Model Study
MMS 2001-025 Wind and Eddy Related Circulation on the Louisiana/Texas Shelf and Slope Determined from Satellite and In-Situ Measurements: October 1993-August 1994
MMS 2000-045 Dynamic Height and Seawater Transport across the Texas-Louisiana Shelf Break
MMS 98-0052 Coastal Marine Environmental Modeling
MMS 97-0005 Coastal Currents in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
MMS 96-0067 Numerical Simulation of Gulf of Mexico Under Present and Glacial Climatic Conditions

Atmospheric Sciences Studies

MMS 2005-008 Visibility and Atmospheric Dispersion Capability over the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Estimates and Observations of Boundary Layer Parameters
MMS 2000-014 Air Quality and Dispersion Meteorology Over the Northeast Gulf of Mexico: Measurements, Analyses and Syntheses
MMS 96-0062
MMS 96-0063
Analysis of Ambient Pollutant Concentrations and Meteorological Conditions Affecting EPA Class I and II Areas in Southeastern Louisiana
Volume I:   Technical Report
Volume II:  Appendices

Fates and Effects Studies

MMS 2007-019 Mixtures of Metals and Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons May Elicit Complex, Nonadditive Toxicological Interactions
MMS 2006-071  Annotated Bibliography of the Potential Environmental Impacts of Chlorination and Disinfection Byproducts Relevant to Offshore Liquefied Natural Gas Port Facilities
MMS 2005-012 Potential Spatial and Temporal Vulnerability of Pelagic Fish Assemblages in the Gulf of Mexico to Surface Oil Spills Associated with Deepwater Petroleum Development
MMS 2003-063 Historical Reconstruction of the Contaminant Loading and Biological Responses in the Central Gulf of Mexico Shelf Sediments
MMS 2002-048 Development of Bioremediation for Oil Spill Cleanup in Coastal Wetlands
MMS 2002-009 Effects of Simultaneous Exposure of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Hypoxia, and Prior Exposure on the Tolerance and Sublethal Responses of Marine Animals; Blue Crabs and Killifish: Final Report
MMS 2001-094 Survival of a Hydrocarbon - Utilizing Bacterium when Introduced into Native and Foreign Environments
MMS 2001-078   How Does Produced Water Cause a Reduction in the Genetic Diversity of Harpacticoid Copepods?: Final Report
MMS 2000-060 Biodegradation of Aromatic Heterocycles from Petroleum-Produced Water and Pyrogenic Sources in Marine Sediments
MMS 2000-042 Potential for Accelerated Bioremediation and Restoration of Oil-Impacted Marshes through the Selection of Superior Oil-Tolerant Vegetation
MMS 99-0060 Effect of Produced-Water Discharge on Bottom Sediment Chemistry
MMS 99-0037 Development and Characterization of Sea Anemones as Bioindicators of Offshore Resource Exploitation and Environmental Impact
MMS 98-0057 Assessment of PAH Composition of Diesel Fuel Absorbed to Marine Sediments and Their Toxicity to Aquatic Food Webs
MMS 98-0039 Long-term Effects of Contaminants from OCS Produced-water Discharges at Pelican Island Facility, Louisiana

Biology Studies

MMS 2010-002 Proof of Concept for Platform Recruited Reef Fish, Phase 1:  Do Platforms Provide Habitat for Subadult Red Snapper?
MMS 2009-059 Evaluation of Oil and Gas Platforms on the Louisiana Continental Shelf for Organisms with Biotechnology Potential
MMS 2009-023 Loop Current Frontal Eddies Based on Satellite Remote Sensing and Drifter Data
MMS 2009-013   Foraminiferal Communities of Bathyal Hydrocarbon Seeps, Northern Gulf of Mexico: A Taxonomic, Ecologic, and Geologic Study 
MMS 2008-048 Platform Debris Fields Associated with the Blue Dolphin (Buccaneer) Gas and Oil Field Artificial Reef Sites offshore Freeport, Texas: Extent, Composition, and Biological Utilization
MMS 2007-030   Incorporation of Gulf of Mexico Benthic Survey Data into the Ocean Biogeographic Information System 
MMS 2005-047 Feasibility of Using Remote-Sensing Techniques for Shoreline Delineation and Coastal Habitat Classification for Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping
MMS 2005-038

Characterization of Algal-Invertebrate Mats at Offshore Platforms and the Assessment of Methods for Artificial Substrate Studies

MMS 2005-009

Interactions Between Migrating Birds and Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico : Final Report

MMS 2003-065 Preparation of an Interactive Key for Northern Gulf of Mexico Polychaete Taxonomy Employing the DELTA/INTKEY System
MMS 2003-040 Marine and Coastal Fishes Subject to Impingement by Cooling-Water Intake Systems in the Northern Gulf of Mexico:  An Annotated Bibliography
MMS 2003-029 Importance of Zooplankton in the Diets of Blue Runner (Caranx crysos) Near Offshore Petroleum Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
MMS 2003-009 Rigs and Reefs: a Comparison of the Fish Communities at Two Artificial Reefs, a Production Platform, and a Natural Reef in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
MMS 2002-077 Offshore Petroleum Platforms: Functional Significance for Larval Fish Across Longitudinal and Latitudinal Gradients
MMS 2001-077 Across-Shelf Larval, Postlarval, and Juvenile Fish Community Associated with Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms and a Coastal Rock Jetty West of the Mississippi River Delta
MMS 2001-004 Fate and Effects of Barium and Radium-Rich Fluid Emissions from Hydrocarbon Seeps on the Benthic Habitats of the Gulf of Mexico Offshore Louisiana
MMS 2000-005 Seasonal and Spatial Variation in the Biomass and Size Frequency Distribution of Fish Associated with Oil and Gas Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Protected Species Studies

MMS 2005-029 Modeling Structure Removal Processes in the Gulf of Mexico

 Social Sciences and Economics Studies

BOEM 2011-043
BOEM 2011-044
OCS-Related Infrastructure Fact Book
Volume I:  Post-Hurricane Impact Assessment
Volume II:  Communities in the Gulf of Mexico
BOEMRE 2011-028 Assessment of Opportunities for Alternative Uses of the Hydrocarbon Infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico
MMS 2010-007 Marginal Production in the Gulf of Mexico and Lost Production from Early Decommissioning – Economic, Environmental, and Regulatory Perspective
MMS 2008-017 Examination of the Development of Liquefied Natural Gason the Gulf of Mexico
MMS 2007-034   Competition and Performance in Oil and Gas Lease Sales and Development in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, 1983-1999 
MMS 2007-031   Idle Iron in the Gulf of Mexico 
MMS 2004-057 Labor Migration and the Deepwater Oil Industry
MMS 2004-052 Effects of Changes in Oil and Gas Prices and State Offshore Petroleum Production on the Louisiana Economy, 1969-1999
MMS 2004-016 Fiscal System Analysis: Concessionary and Contractual Systems Used in Offshore Petroleum Arrangements.
MMS 2004-009 Long-Term Oil and Gas Structure Installation and Removal Forecasting in the Gulf of Mexico: A Decision- and Resource-Based Approach
MMS 2003-041 Changing Patterns of Ownership and Control in the Petroleum Industry: Implications for the Market for Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, 1983-1999
MMS 2003-038 Environmental Justice Considerations in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
MMS 2003-022 Labor Demand in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in the 1990s: The Louisiana Case
MMS 2003-018 Modeling the Economic Impacts of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in the Gulf of Mexico: Methods and Applications 
MMS 2002-072 Effect of the Oil and Gas Industry on Commuting and Migration Patterns in Louisiana: 1960-1990
MMS 2002-054 Socioeconomic Baseline Study for the Gulf of Mexico, Final Report: Description of the Dataset, 1930-1990
MMS 2001-019
MMS 2001-020
Lafourche Parish and Port Fourchon, Louisiana: Effects of the Outer Continental Shelf Petroleum Industry on the Economy and Public Services
Part 1
Part 2
MMS 2001-013 Forecasting the Number of Offshore Platforms on the Gulf of Mexico OCS to the Year 2023
MMS 99-0028 Economic and Social Consequences of the Oil Spill in Lake Barre, Louisiana
MMS 98-0021 Environmental & Safety Risks of an Expanding Role for Independents on the Gulf of Mexico OCS
MMS 95-0056 Modeling the Structure and Performance of Integrated and Independent Producers in the Gulf of Mexico OCS Region
MMS 95-0055 Characteristics and Possible Impacts of a Restructured OCS Oil and Gas Industry in the Gulf of Mexico
MMS 95-0032 Outer Continental Shelf Issues: Central Gulf of Mexico

Other Studies

MMS 2005-019  Effects of Oil and Gas Development:  A Current Awareness Bibliography 2000-2004
MMS 2001-095 Management Applicability of Contemporary Deep-Sea Ecology and Reevaluation of Gulf of Mexico Studies
MMS 2001-062 Management of the Louisiana State University, Coastal Marine Institute Task Orders from 1992 - 1998, Final Report
MMS 2001-050 Improved Geohazards and Benthic Habitat Evaluations: Digital Acoustic Data with Ground Truth Calibrations
MMS 2000-086 Studying and Verifying the Use of Chemical Biomarkers for Identifying and Quantitating Oil Residues in the Environment
MMS 2000-083  Effects of Oil and Gas Development: A Current Awareness Bibliography
MMS 2000-053 Wave Climate and Bottom Boundary Layer Dynamics with Implications for Offshore Sand Mining and Barrier Island Replenishment in South-Central Louisiana
MMS 99-0001 Development and Application of a Sublethal Toxicity Test to PAH Using Marine Harpacticoid Copepods
MMS 97-0045  Effects Oil and Gas Development: A Current Awareness Bibliography
MMS 94-0062  Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development: A Current Awareness Bibliography