EndNote Guidance

BOEM is providing the following guidance for preparing EndNote libraries that could be readily shared across the bureau. This guidance may be updated as needed and as BOEM continues to learn about using this valuable tool.

If you have questions, please contact EndNote@boem.gov.

Download Icons Download Guidance (.pdf) (updated 8/12/22)
Download Icons Download BOEM’s output style (.zip) (updated 8/12/22)
Download Icons Download BOEM’s Journal List (.pdf) (updated 10/20/21)


Can I use additional fields not included in the guidance?

Yes. The fields required in the guidance are the minimum fields we require. You do not need to delete the information from the other fields. Use of custom fields is acceptable but discouraged.

Can I use groups and smart groups in building the library?


Which keywords should I use?

BOEM is currently developing our best practices for keywords. In the meantime, consult with your BOEM project contact to determine the appropriate keywords.

Can I use reference types that are not listed in the guidance?

You are encouraged to use only the reference types included in the guidance. Typically, if a reference can be found online, you can use the “Web Page” reference type if none of the others apply. If you need to use additional reference types, email your request to EndNote@boem.gov.

Do I need to include PDF attachments with the references?

References are most useful for BOEM’s work when the PDFs are attached. However, you may have specific instructions from your BOEM project contact. When citing web pages, save the webpage as a PDF for your attachment. Ideally, the PDF would automatically include the access date in the header or footer.

What about copyright laws for including PDFs in the library?

We ask that you do not break any copyright laws in transferring PDFs to us in your EndNote library. For more specific guidance, consult with your BOEM project contact.

Which EndNote output style does BOEM use?

BOEM has a developed our output style based on the Council of Science Editors (CSE) 8th Edition. The style is provided in the link above.