Scientific and Technical Publications For 2000

To meet the demand for rapid dissemination of information many reports are now available on the web. Links below will take you to full text reports PDF format.

Copies of reports are available from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management free of charge, as long as supplies last by contacting the Alaska Region at Once the supply is exhausted, copies can be purchased from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at, or borrowed through an Interlibrary Loan from the Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS) or reviewed at participating Federal Depository libraries.

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April 2000   Pipeline System Alternatives - Independent Evaluation of Liberty Pipeline System Design Alternatives, Final Report  
April 2000   Engineering Assessment of Double Wall Versus Single Wall Designs for Offshore Pipelines in an Arctic Environment, Final Report  
September 2000 Risk Evaluation Report - Independent Risk Evaluation for the Liberty Pipeline
June 2000 Liberty Project Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan  
MMS 2000-007 Estimation of Oil Spill Risk from Alaska North Slope, Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and Arctic Canada Oil Spill Data Sets  
MMS 2000-011   Wind Field Representations and Their Effect of Shelf Circulation Models: A Case Study in the Chukchi Sea  
MMS 2000-023   Beaufort Sea Information Update Meeting, Proceedings  
MMS 2000-024 Sediment Quality in Depositional Areas of Shelikof Strait and Outermost Cook Inlet  
MMS 2000-025 Mapping Cook Inlet Rip Tides Using Local Knowledge and Remote Sensing  
MMS 2000-041 Physical-Biological Numerical Modeling on Alaskan Arctic Shelves
MMS 2000-043 Proceedings Cook Inlet Oceanographic Workshop, Kenai, Alaska  
MMS 2000-046 University of Alaska Coastal Marine Institute Annual Report - Federal Fiscal Year 1999  
MMS 2000-061 An Economic Assessment of the Sport Fisheries for Halibut, and Chinook and Coho Salmon in Lower and Central Cook Inlet  
MMS 2000-047 Technical Manual for a Coupled Sea-Ice/Ocean Circulation Model (Ver. 2)
MMS 2000-066   Aerial Surveys of Endangered Whales in the Beaufort Sea, Fall 1998-1999
MMS 2000-067 Persistent Chlorinated Compounds and Elements in Tissues of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas, Banked by the Alaska Marine Mammal Tissue Archival Project  
MMS 2000-070 Coastal Marine Institute Annual Report No. 7 - Fiscal Year 2000  
MMS 2000-072   Monitoring Seabird Populations in Areas of Oil and Gas Development on the Alaskan Continental Shelf: A Computerized Pelagic Seabird Atlas for Alaska  
MMS 2000-082 Oil-spill Risk Analysis: Liberty Development and Production Plan