Scientific and Technical Publications For 2013

To meet the demand for rapid dissemination of information many reports are now available on the web. Links below will take you to full text reports PDF format.

Copies of reports are available from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management free of charge, as long as supplies last by contacting the Alaska Region at Once the supply is exhausted, copies can be purchased from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at, or borrowed through an Interlibrary Loan from the Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS) or reviewed at participating Federal Depository libraries.

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BOEM 2013-01148 Epibenthic Community Variability on the Alaskan Beaufort Sea Continental Shelf
BOEM 2013-212      Aggregate Effects of Oil Industry Operations on Iñupiaq Subsistence Activities, Nuiqsut, Alaska: A History and Analysis of Mitigation and Monitoring
BOEM 2013-00118 Trophic Links: Forage Fish, Their Prey, and Ice Seals in the Northeast Chukchi Sea
BOEM 2013-0202 Adaptation of an Arctic Circulation Model
BOEM 2013-0211 COMIDA: Impact Monitoring for Offshore Subsistence Hunting, Wainwright and Point Lay, Alaska
BOEM 2013-0114 Bowhead Whale Feeding Ecology Study (BOWFEST) in the Western Beaufort Sea
BOEM 2013-0218 Monitoring Cross Island Whaling Activities, Beaufort Sea, Alaska: 2008-2012 Final Report, Incorporating ANIMIDA and cANIMIDA (2001-2007)
BOEM 2013-01110 Satellite Tracking of Bowhead Whales
BOEM 2013-0205 Oil Spill Occurrence Rates for Alaska North Slope Crude and Refined Oil Spills
BOEM 2013-01150 Pinniped Movements and Foraging: Seasonal Movements, Habitat Selection, Foraging and Haul-out Behavior of Adult Bearded Seals in the Chukchi Sea
BOEM 2013-0112 Annual Report 19: Calendar Year 2012  
BOEM 2013-0015 Subsistence Use and Knowledge of Salmon in Barrow and Nuiqsut, Alaska  
BOEM 2013-0116 Final Task 2 Report: Updates to Fault Tree for Oil Spill Occurrence Estimators Update of GOM and PAC OCS Statistics to 2012
BOEM 2013-0117 Distribution and Relative Abundance of Marine Mammals in the Northeastern Chukchi and Western Beaufort Seas, 2012 
BOEM 2013-0119  Final Report: Beaufort and Chukchi Mesoscale Meterorology Modeling Study
BOEM 2013-0128   University of Alaska Coastal Marine Institute: Program Administration 2008-2012