BOEM Seeking Suggestions For Future Environmental Studies

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The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is responsible for ensuring that the effects on the natural and human environment are taken into consideration during the leasing and development of oil, natural gas, renewable energy and marine mineral resources from the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

To help inform management decisions affecting the OCS, BOEM develops, oversees and funds the collection of environmental information as directed by the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act through its Environmental Studies Program (ESP). The ESP focuses on applied science, including baseline information about the environment and the effects from activities that result from the leasing and development processes under our authority. The goals of the ESP are to establish the information needed to assess, predict and manage environmental impacts on the marine biota, and monitor the human, marine and coastal environments. BOEM is beginning to formulate its FY2016 Environmental Studies Development Plan covering all BOEM energy and minerals activities.

BOEM invites your input in identifying potential study ideas pertaining to the Alaska, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific OCS planning areas. BOEM's ESP is particularly interested in study ideas that include hypothesis testing. Please note that ideas submitted must be relevant to BOEM's information requirements in the areas of biological, oceanographic, social, economic and cultural research.

Please provide your suggestions by using the appropriate profile template on the following table for your geographic or program area of interest and emailing it to the contact identified by December 1, 2014. This will ensure you are providing the relevant information we need to consider your ideas. While suggestions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, there is no guarantee that all ideas will be pursued. In some cases, ideas might be combined with other suggestions. Please note that ideas submitted may be used by the Federal government as is deemed appropriate. You may visit the Environmental Studies Program website for a listing of ongoing and completed studies and to view previous study plans. We appreciate your participation in this process and look forward to your suggestions.

Contact Template
Alaska Studies Dr. Dee Williams,
Alaska Studies Chief
(907) 334-5283
Gulf of Mexico Studies

Dr. Pat Roscigno,

Gulf of Mexico Studies Chief
(504) 736-2752
Gulf of Mexico

Pacific Oil and Gas Studies or

Pacific Renewable Energy Studies

Dr. Ann Bull,

Pacific Studies Chief
(805) 384-6385

Atlantic Renewable Energy Studies

Dr. Mary Boatman,
Renewable Energy Studies Chief 
(703) 787-1662

Atlantic Renewable Energy

Atlantic Marine Minerals Studies or

Gulf of Mexico
Marine Minerals Studies
Dr. Jeffrey Reidenauer
MMP Branch Chief 
(703) 787-1851

Marine Minerals