Unsolicited Lease Request For Floating Wind Energy Project Offshore Oahu, Hawaii

Release Date

BOEM would like to make you aware of a few updates on leasing activities for offshore wind resource development in Hawaii.

BOEM has received a third unsolicited lease request for a floating wind energy project offshore Oahu, Hawaii, from a second applicant. BOEM completed its review of the unsolicited lease request from the second applicant, Progression Hawaii Offshore Wind, Inc., and has deemed the request complete and confirmed that the company is legally, technically, and financially qualified to pursue an offshore wind energy lease.

Typically, the first step after receiving an unsolicited lease request and verifying potential lessee qualifications is to publish a Request for Interest to determine if there is competitive interest in the areas requested. However, BOEM has determined that since two developers have submitted lease requests offshore Oahu, the next step will be to publish a Call for Information and Nominations (Call) in order to initiate the competitive planning and leasing process.

Receipt of an unsolicited lease request by BOEM is the earliest stepin a process that includes environmental analysis and active stakeholder engagement. Copies of the lease requests and updated frequently asked questions are now posted on the BOEM Hawaii State activities webpage and can be viewed here.

Media Contact:

John D. Romero: 805-384-6325