Panoramic Visual Simulations for Central California Areas Identified by the Offshore Working Group

Instructions for Viewing the Visual Simulations

The simulations are intended to be viewed as large high-resolution printed panoramas with the printed image attached to curved stands and placed at a proper viewing distance based on the image width. The panoramas cover a field of view 124-degrees horizontally by 55-degrees vertically, which is consistent with the typical human field of view.

For example, a 36”-wide panorama image would be placed at a distance of approximately 16 inches from the viewer. The images viewed on this website are digital representations and the visibility of the turbines projected on a computer screen will depend on the scale at which the image is being viewed. Simply put, zooming in on the image will over-represent visibility and, conversely, zooming out will minimize visibility of the turbines.

Panoramic Visual Simulations

Meteorological Report

This effort also included an analysis of the meteorological conditions along the central coast of California.