Points Of Contact

If you require further assistance or have additional questions, you may contact the following:

BOEM Web-Site Data Center - Company Information includes names, addresses, and company numbers of active or all companies. Lease Owner details lease ownership by percentage and include the company who is the designated lease operator, liability determination and assessment date, financial assurance posted, un-collateralized decommissioning liability amounts and operating rights interest.

Decommissioning Cost Estimates - All questions about the amount of decommissioning cost estimates. Please contact BSEE Decommissioning Section. Sometimes, the Operators or Lessees request BSEE’s Decommissioning Support Section to conduct decommissioning liability re-assessments when they noted the below activities that may change the previous estimated amount for decommissioning liabilities for certain lease:

  • BSEE’s permitting sections have accepted the End of Operation Reports, Platform Site Clearance and Verification Reports, and Pipeline Decommissioning Completion Reports for well P&As, platform, and pipeline decommissioning respectively
  • BSEE’s permitting sections have changed certain well, platform and pipeline information that may have impact on the previous BSEE for decommissioning cost estimates.
  • BSEE’s decommissioning cost estimates conflicts with the Operator or Lessee’s estimates

Contact: GOMRDecommCost@bsee.gov

Right of Ways (ROW) - Descriptions, Ownership (Holder Identification), and Abandonment Status, all ROW issues: Please contact the Pipeline Section.

ROW Description Online Query

Contact: pipelines@bsee.gov

Tailored Financial Plans and Alternative Financial Assurance Instruments - Risk Management Operations Group (RMOG).

Contact: boemrmog@boem.gov

Financial Assurance Postings including Bonds, Cancellations, Terminations, Forms, Due Dates, Extensions - Leasing and Financial Assurance Sections (LFRS).

Contact: boemGOMRfinancialassurance@boem.gov

All questions about Record Title and Operating Rights Ownership, Designated Operators and authorized signatories on qualification cards - Please contact the Adjudication Section.

Contact: boemadjudication@boem.gov

For questions concerning Right-of-Use and Easement (RUE) issues, Exploration Plans (EP), Development Operations Coordination Documents (DOCD), or Development and Production Plans (DPP) - Please contact the Plans Section.

Contact: boemgomrplans@boem.gov