High-Resolution Geophysical Survey Application

High-Resolution Geophysical Survey

The High-Resolution Geophysical Survey Application allows the user to view and query High Resolution Geophysical Surveys that were completed in the Gulf of Mexico and submitted to BOEM as Geohazard/Archaeology Reports. The polygons representing the survey outlines are estimates of areas covered by high-resolution geophysical surveys on file at BOEM. The polygons may not represent all or may over estimate usable area for clearing industry activities. These surveys are under review by BOEM/BSEE relative to proposed activities to ensure coverage is adequate. These shapes do not include 3D Seismic Reflection data.

High-resolution geophysical surveys were submitted for permitting mainly as DWG files. These "survey tracts" were processed using ArcMap and a minimum bounding polygon was created around the survey tract lines. These polygons were created in their native projection then reprojected to NAD27 and merged together to be used as a feature data set on ArcGIS Online for use by the public to see where surveys have been conducted in the Gulf of Mexico.

Because BOEM retains geophysical survey reports dating back to the 1970s, our intention is to begin with the most recently submitted files and work backwards in time. Staff is working to continue to expand the coverage in the viewer as the shape files are created. Current available data is from 2002-2020.