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July - September 2023

(Includes all active and expired leases in Gulf of Mexico OCS)

The Field Directory contains the Field Determinations for all active and expired leases that have been determined producible according to the requirements under 30 CFR 250.115 or 250.116. This list will be updated quarterly. The Notice of New Field Determinations and Changes to Existing Fields contain the actual changes made to the Field Directory. This includes New Producible Leases (NPL's) placed in fields, Field Designation Changes Affecting Active Leases, Expired, Relinquished or Terminated leases and Reassignments of Expired Leases. This report is also available in hard copy from the Gulf of Mexico Region - Public Information Office (phone 1-800-200-GULF).

Reserves Information and Data Available in ASCII Files for Downloading - Download Field Directory and/or Appendixes. 

The EIA (Energy Information Agency) field name is shown next to BOEM expanded field determination. The EIA field number is displayed to allow cross-referencing to the EIA field data. The expired date column has been expanded to show if the lease has expired, terminated, been relinquished, or consolidated. Also included in the new format is the cumulative production (including BOE) by lease.

The Field Directory also includes four appendixes. Appendixes A, B, are cross-referencing tables relating lease to field and block to field. Appendix C is a list of operator names (e.g., Auger) referenced to field. Appendix D is a list of operator field nickname, and all area, block and lease numbers referenced to field.

The Field Determination Committee at BOEM would like to solicit your comments or suggestions on the newly formatted Field Directory. If you have suggestions or would like to see any other information included on this page, please reply to ‚ÄčMonique Belson.

The Field Determination Committee / Gulf of Mexico OCS Region 

An oil and/or gas field in the Federal OCS of the Gulf of Mexico is defined* as an area consisting of a single reservoir or multiple reservoirs all grouped on, or related to, the same general geologic structural feature and/or stratigraphic trapping condition. There may be two or more reservoirs in a field that are separated vertically by intervening impervious strata, or laterally by local geologic barriers, or by both.

The Gulf of Mexico Field Determination Committee, comprising geologists, geophysicist, and a petroleum engineer assigns field designations to leases with qualifying oil and gas discoveries. It reviews new producible lease and first production memoranda submitted by the District Offices, as well as well logs, geophysical data, geologic maps, and other pertinent data to establish the existence of a new field or the extension of an existing field.

Field determinations are assigned for a lease or group of leases so that natural gas and oil resources, reserves, and production can be allocated on the basis of the geologic framework of the unique feature that contains the hydrocarbon accumulation. The Committee strives to include all leases determined capable of producing and associated with a specific geologic structure in a single field. In the case of a common platform serving a large structure as well as a minor satellite structure, the Field Determination Committee may consider it one field. Field determination may be changed at the lessee's or lessor's request when adequate geologic and/or production data would support such a change.

The new field is usually named after the area and block on which the discovery well is located. The area encompassed by a field will be revised from time to time to include additional leases on a geologic structure, leases that have been proven productive by new drilling, and to split leases into separate fields to adhere to the definition of a field.

 * "Guidelines for the Application, Review, Approval, and Administration of the Deepwater Royalty Relief Program."