Completed Studies


North Carolina Collaborative Archaeological Survey: Wilmington East and West Wind Energy Areas. This study presents the results of an archaeological investigation of eight potential sites near and within the Wilmington East and West WEAs.


North Carolina Collaborative Archaeological Survey: Kitty Hawk Wind Energy Area. This study presents the results of a reconnaissance-level archaeological survey of portions of the Kitty Hawk WEA.


Maryland Collaborative Archaeological Survey This study presents the results of an archaeological investigation of eight areas within the Maryland Wind Energy Area.


Virginia Collaborative Archaeological Survey. This study reports on investigations performed at thirteen archaeological sites near and within the Virginia Commercial Wind Energy Area.


Collaborative Archaeological Investigations and Sound Source Verifications within the Massachusetts Wind Energy Area. This study reports information on acoustics, submerged relic landforms that may have the potential to contain archaeological resources, and equipment effectiveness.


Marine Magnetic Survey Modeling: Custom Geospatial Processing Tools for Visualizing and Assessing Marine Magnetic Surveys for Archaeological Resources. This study produced a series of custom-scripted GIS tools to visualize and assess magnetic remote sensing data submitted to the agency by developers.


Synthesis, Legislative Review, and Case Law History Applicable to Cultural Heritage in the Marine Environment. This study was generated to provide an analysis of existing laws protecting UCH on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), identify gaps in protection and recommend legislative changes to address any gaps.


Inventory and Analysis of Archaeological Site Occurrence on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf.  This study gathered available information on historic shipwrecks and modeled the potential for precontact sites on the Atlantic OCS.


Evaluation of Visual Impact on Cultural Resources/Historic Properties: North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, and Florida Straits Volume 1  and Volume II. Appendices.  This study produced a database of 9,600 known onshore historic properties located within 0.25 miles of the Atlantic shore.