Gulf of Maine Commercial Planning and Leasing Process

Offshore Wind Leasing Path Forward

On October 13, 2021, Secretary Haaland announced an ambitious offshore wind leasing strategy for 2021-2025, which includes the goal of holding a commercial lease sale within the Gulf of Maine in 2024. For more information on BOEM’s planning and leasing process, please visit our fact sheet.

In advance of the May 19, 2022 Gulf of Maine Task Force Meeting, BOEM released the Gulf of Maine Planning Area.  The Planning Area is the starting point for the commercial leasing process, and will be significantly reduced through the ensuing planning and leasing phases.  The first reduction will occur through a Request for Interest (RFI).  Beginning with an RFI will allow BOEM to gauge commercial interest in offshore wind development in the Gulf of Maine, while also maximizing the opportunity for the public to engage and provide input.  BOEM prepared the RFI Development Framework to outline BOEM’s approach to developing a draft RFI and to receive feedback from the Task Force.